Airport look, how to dress comfortably and look good.

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Traveling by airplane therefore goes hand in hand when traveling abroad. In addition to having to prepare all the necessary materials for travel, including passports, plane tickets, accommodations, and travel plans. Then there are things that should be paid equal attention to: Dressing to go to the airport For those of you who are traveling for the first time, you may not yet know what kind of clothing you should wear for your trip. Although airport fashion is important, dressing appropriately is just as important. 

You should wear loose clothing.

You should wear loose clothing. The loose sweater is very comfortable. Especially if you pair them with jeans or leggings, dresses or loose-fitting pants are great options for flying. A loose sweater will keep you warm and comfortable. This includes if you have to sit at the airport or on a plane for hours. If you want to wear a skirt Choose long maxi skirts and avoid anything too tight or too short. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Another benefit of loose clothing is that it helps prevent blood clots. Although clothing made from synthetic materials can be flammable, But it tends to wrinkle less. This makes it a good choice for aircraft. Avoid t-shirts with offensive words, however, they can get you in trouble in the airport.

Do not wear bras that contain metal components.

This is because some types of bras can set off metal detectors at airports. which will waste time Instead of risking You should choose to wear a bra that does not contain metal, such as a padded bra or a sports bra. which is suitable for traveling to the airport If you like underwire bras You can put it in your suitcase instead of wearing it to the airport. This is because underwire bras can cause discomfort during long journeys.

Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry.

Wearing a lot of jewelry should be avoided. If you wear a lot of jewelry to the airport or items that are difficult to remove, such as small earrings with small hooks It can be difficult. at the metal detector You may have to remove most of it. Body piercing jewelry can cause the device to malfunction and waste a lot of your time.

Another problem with wearing a lot of jewelry is that it can make you a target for thieves or pickpockets. It’s usually not a good idea to show off your wealth in the airport. You can store your jewelry in a pocket inside your handbag. Then enter it after you land and depart from your destination airport.

Choose comfortable shoes.

You should wear comfortable shoes. You’ll regret it if you try to walk around the airport in high heels. It’s even worse if you have to run because you’re late. Keep high heels in your travel bag. Sure, they look good. But you may have to walk to distant destinations. And if your plane is late for your connecting flight? You may need to hurry. Ideal shoes are comfortable flats. Easy to remove from your feet. They are easy to remove at security checkpoints. However, wearing your heaviest shoes can reduce the weight of your suitcase and free up space for packing.

You should avoid boots. or sandals with laces, zippers, or similar. This is because it takes a long time to remove and put back on at the security checkpoint. Avoid tight-fitting shoes as your feet may expand during long flights.