Facial skin addicted to steroids. What are the symptoms and how to treat them.

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A cream that helps make your face clear and acne-free is the ideal cream that many people want. But did you know that creams that help make your face clear in a short period of time might be more dangerous than you think. Because even though these creams will make your face white quickly, But it may cause more side effects than you think. Because these creams are Cream containing steroids Contaminants if applied to the face or skin, even if applied for a short period of time It may cause the cream to be absorbed into the bloodstream and when used continuously it may affect the body causing long-term skin disease. Therefore, we must inspect the cream well before using it. 

Steroid allergy or face addicted to steroids What are the symptoms.

For steroid allergies Can be observed from the external appearance of the skin in many forms, such as : Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

  • Facial skin is inflamed, peeling, red, and burning, caused by steroids working together with the vitamin A group. that has the ability to exfoliate skin cells This may interfere with the production of skin pigment for too long, potentially causing redness, burning, or vitiligo.
  • The skin on the face is pale. and irritated Caused by accumulation in the skin for a long time. Until the skin becomes pale and inflamed Mostly found in blemish creams. Apply to whiten your face and reduce acne scars.
  • The bright skin soon turned dark. Caused by working with hydroquinone. Popularly used to treat acne scars If mixed in too much quantity The skin becomes inflamed, darkens and permanently blemishes appear.
  • The skin becomes thinner and you can see the capillaries. Prolonged use of creams containing steroids It will make the skin thinner until pollution and various toxins easily enter the dermis layer. Hit something a little bit. Our skin is a hundred times more easily damaged than before.
  • The skin has acne sores. Acne all over the face It’s a normal mechanism when you stop using it. It may cause acne to appear similar to clogged pores. At some points you may feel itchy and want to squeeze. It’s truly a steroid acne cycle.

How to treat a face with steroid addiction

  • Stop using creams that contain steroids. Even though in the first period you will feel that your face is clear. But if you stop using it, you may have an allergic reaction to the point where you need treatment to get your face back and take care of your skin again.
  • Use a gentle facial cleansing product. It should be formulated without perfumes and substances that cause irritation. When washing your face, you should pat your face gently. Avoid vigorous scrubbing.
  • Use skin care products that focus on adding moisture. Soothe weak skin And strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.

How to check for creams suspected of containing steroids 

    Test with detergent This method is a simple way to test creams containing hydroquinone. Just find concentrated detergent and dissolve it in water. Then drop it into the cream you use. Then notice the change in the cream. That is, if the cream changes color from white to burnt brown. or change color to the point of being unnoticed It means that the cream may contain dangerous substances such as hydroquinone.